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Original Synflex for People and Pets

SynflexLiquid Glucosamine began wide spread distribution in early 2000. Early sales and customer results of this multi-ingredient, high quality formula proved very successful. The promises it made to those suffering from joint pain associated with osteoarthritis were true. Those using Synflex were getting unbelievable results. It Worked! Better yet, because of its liquid formulation and fast absorption, it went to work on joint pain much faster than glucosamine products in pill form.

Original Formula Synflex is for people and their pets. It has been proven to be just as effective in relieving joint pain in dogs. It is also effective in cats, horses, even pot belly pigs and monkeys. Any pet suffering from joint disease could see positive results from continued use of liquid glucosamine. Dosing your pet is based on weight. Larger dogs over 100 pounds will typically take an adult sized dose of 1/4 ounce, where medium and smaller dogs will take 1/8 ounce down to 1/2 teaspoon daily. As you can see, this is a highly concentrated formula, and the liquid dosing makes giving it to your pet much easier than a pill. Just pour it on their food and you are done.

Original Synflex is apple flavored, comes in an 8 oz. bottle, and like Synflex 1500, requires a daily dose of 1/4 oz. Each bottle should last 32 days.

Liquid glucosamine is a very safe product with virtually no side effects, but those who have allergies to shellfish (a source for glucosamine) or women who are pregnant, should consult a physician.

Whats in Original Synflex?

In the Synflex chart below, you can see the many ingredients used in making a powerful formula to fight arthritis inflammation in joints and pain. Synflex uses high quality ingredients, to assure the product delivers on it's promises. Each active ingredient was carefully chosen, with specific amounts, to work in conjunction with each other to reduce inflamed arthritic joints and alleviate joint pain.

While glucosamine by itself does provide relief from osteoarthritis, studies have found that Chondrotin Sulfate paired with glucosamine dramatically improves its effectiveness. On a personal level ,arthritis suffers are encouraged to gently exercise afflicted joints to help flex, strengthen, and keep it strong. Losing weight is important also. Our knees take enough punishment as it is and those extra pounds only exacerbate the problem. The less a joint has to support the better. You'll still get wonderful results with Synflex, but long term, these would be wise goals for arthritis suffers and your health in general.

Original Formula Synflex-Apple Flavor
Ingredients Per 1/4 oz. Amounts
Glucosamine HCL & Glucosamine Sulfate 1250 mg
Boswellin 8 mg
Yucca Powder 3 mg
Manganese (Ascorbate) 5 mg
Bromelain 1 mg
Vitamin C 5 mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acid 5 mg
Omega 6 Fatty Acid 1.67 mg
Vitamin A 80 UI
Vitamin E 2 UI

Storage and Dosing:

Original Synflex products should not be refrigerated after opening. The consistency of Synflex is that of a light syrup, and cold only makes it thicker. As with Synflex 1500, Synflex will darken with age. We have found that refrigerating extra bottles for future use keeps the color consistent with the way it arrived. All Synflex products have built-in reservoirs, with 1/4 and 1/2 ounce markings. Just remove the cap over the reservoir, squeeze the bottle, and you'll see the side tube begin to fill the reservoir to the dose you need. People will take 1/4 ounce a day and pets dose by weight. Pet dosing may require you to use a 1/4, or 1/2 teaspoon to measure what you need, but that's simple enough. Here is the chart for pet dosing.

Synflex For Pets Dosing Chart
Pet Weight Total Doses Daily Dose
1-10 lbs. 256 Doses 1/4 tsp.
11-40 lbs. 128 Doses 1/2 tsp.
41-100 lbs. 64 Doses 3/4 tsp.
100 lbs. + 32 Doses 1/4 oz.

Synflex offers up 3 variations of liquid glucosamine. Original Synflex, Synflex 1500, and Beef Flavored Synflex for Pets. This is a superior product to any glucosamine pill offered and the ingredient list contains much more than glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for joint pain. Liquid Glucosamine is the best choice by far and Synflex Liquid Glucosamine offers a brand you can trust in to arrest arthritis joint pain in you or your pet.

Give Synflex a Try!

If you have been looking for a brand named product you can trust in, you've found it. Synflex has been a pioneer and leader in the field since early 2000. Thousands of new and repeat buyers, continue to attest to its effectiveness in fighting their joint pain. Rest assured you're getting a high quality liquid glucosamine with a track record and reputation the circles the globe. Start taking Synflex today and before you finish your first bottle, you'll notice the difference Synflex will make in relieving the pain you've been enduring. Honest, Synflex WORKS! Guaranteed or your money back!

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